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Technical Support

Representation of binary code on screenWe are not ashamed to support what we create

Our staff have years of experience in technical support.  We offer an appropriate and agreed level of support for you and your systems. We aim to keep it real: you pay an affordable price for committed, personal service.

You can reach us and track progress

You can raise a support question 24 hours a day on our dedicated helpdesk system. Questions from VIPs will even be directly sent by text message to our support people. Why not ask us a question now without obligation?

You can easily enable your end users or even your clients to raise tickets directly when they have a problem. You and they can track calls without your own management overhead.

Support Models

Examples of ways we can support you:

  • You can call off an agreed number of hours per month and use our time to suit you best for fixes or new functionality.
  • You can pay a small hourly fee for adhoc support.
  • We can modify or support software and sites supplied by third parties.
  • We can source specialists and supplier experts to solve your burning problems.

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