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Welcome to the Bird Gang

Twokan is about two guys based in Cologne who had a dream of creating a fly and sustainable streetwear brand that does not take itself too serious. Every little seed you find on our website is a product of our own creation - selfmade and composed by us for you. We aim at offering organic fashion produced with fair working standards, so we do not to disappoint our colourful friends who inspiring our artworks. We therefore work preferably with sustainable companies and conduct most production steps in the urban jungle of Cologne and closeby.

We create all our designs with our birdbrains and feathers to guarantee each Twokan collection is unique and individually crafted for you. Naturally we only use textiles of extraordinary quality - something you cannot just feel between your wingtips but also on your skin.

Even the photoshots you can see are made by local artists - you can find more information on our Instagram page  @twokan_official

So what are you waiting for? Stop being a mockingbird and start being part of the bird gang!